Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mableton Muffler Men Duo

Here's a cute "couple" of muffler men I found at (surprise!) a muffler shop in Mableton, Georgia. One holds a sign, which I think is really creative. His foot looks like it's in a flower pot (I guess to help him keep his balance by the side of this busy road).

When I took the photo, I was approached by a worker at the muffler shop; I thought maybe he was suspicious of me and my camera out front of his shop. But, evidently, he was just hopeful at making a sale. Hard times, I guess.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Celebration of Muffler Men

I'm not sure if there are "muffler men" in your area, but where I live, they're fairly ubiquitous.  You can't drive too far in the southern United States without encountering one.  I can't remember when I first saw one, but I don't think I saw any when I was a kid (ie. the 1970s).  They seem to have sprung up within the past couple of decades, decorating the muffler shops' entries as well as many other weedy roadside venues.  

I'm creating this blog in order to get down to the bottom of this art form, and I'd like your help. If you have these rusty denizens in your area, write and tell me about it.  Send me some pictures to post so we can compare styles and rate the artists' creativity.  And if you yourself have given birth to a muffler man, then I definitely want to hear from you: the technique, the materials, the rationale, etc.  Tell me everything!  

Of course, another reason for the blog is simply to enjoy an interesting artistic object, one that is most likely overlooked by folks in search of "higher art."  Well, I'd like to celebrate the Muffler Man and if anyone out there wants to join me, welcome!